Blueberry Cheese Cake by 75 Vapory (review)

Flavor profile:

A rich cheesecake blended with freshly picked blueberries

VG/PG ratio:

Could not find the ratio anywhere but it looks like a 60%VG/40%PG – OK amount of vapor  🙂


On the inhale I get a strong  hit of blueberry and on the exhale I get more blueberry.

The blueberry in this , is like a perfumed blueberry i couldn’t taste the cheesecake because the blueberry is  so overpowering.


Throat hit:

I got this in 3mg of nicotine , buttery smooth on the inhale and exhale.


If you like a perfumed kind of blueberry then you may like this but for me this juice is disappointing couldn’t taste the cheese cake in this at all.

Would I buy this again?

No, this is not for me

More info:

Taste is subjective , please go through more reviews before making your decisions to buy thanks for reading and if you have vaped this juice leave a comment if you liked it or not to help others make their decision, peace love and respect.


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