Flavor profile: The infamous rocket lolly, delicious raspberry, lime and strawberry combo   VG/PG ratio: 80%VG – Thick clouds Expectations:   summer is round the corner and I'm expecting something refreshing and cool , i'm expecting the flavour to be the same as the lolly,  if you had the rocket lolly before you will know... Continue Reading →


The Gum/The soda by Phillip Rocke (ejuice)

Flavor profile: THE SODA by Phillip Rocke is a crazy blend of premium ingredients that taste just like your favorite dark soda beverage and soda flavored tart candy The Gum is Philip Rocke’s rendition of your favorite original pink, powdered sugar-coated chewing gum   VG/PG ratio: 80%VG – Thick clouds Expectations: The Soda - I'm... Continue Reading →

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