Flavor profile: Delicious Roasted Hazelnuts paired with steamed milk and just the right amount of coffee. splashed together brewed to perfection. The more you vape it the better it gets. VG/PG ratio: Could not find the ratio anywhere but it looks like a 70%VG/30%PG – good amount of vapor   Taste: I get a sweet... Continue Reading →


Twerps – Supernova Squirt

Flavor profile: The essence of raspberry fused with the sweet and invigorating taste of peach tea. 70%VG – Thick clouds Taste: I get a berry and tea on the inhale and on the exhale i get strong berry and black tea followed by a light peach . If you like tea flavoured e liquids then... Continue Reading →

Java drip by Caffeine Clouds

Flavor profile: Hot water Espresso VG/PG ratio: Could not find the ratio , it looks like it's around 60%VG , clouds production is acceptable  Expectations: My expectations for this juice is just strong bold aromatic coffee flavour  how an espresso should be. Taste: Taste like shit, sorry to waste your time.  taste similar to all... Continue Reading →

The Gum/The soda by Phillip Rocke (ejuice)

Flavor profile: THE SODA by Phillip Rocke is a crazy blend of premium ingredients that taste just like your favorite dark soda beverage and soda flavored tart candy The Gum is Philip Rocke’s rendition of your favorite original pink, powdered sugar-coated chewing gum   VG/PG ratio: 80%VG – Thick clouds Expectations: The Soda - I'm... Continue Reading →

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