Jam Monster Blueberry

Flavor profile: Blueberry Jam + butter + toast VG/PG ratio: 70%VG/25%PG –  Nice thick clouds 🙂 Taste: On the inhale I get a nice tart blueberry jam flavour and on the exhale i get the salty butter note, with the toast flavor at the end - very delicious i must say. Throat hit: I got this... Continue Reading →


i like™ Shot Drip Edition – holy cherry (review)

Flavor profile: Almond cake and cherry VG/PG ratio: It’s a 80%VG/20%PG –  nice thick clouds 🙂 Taste: On the inhale I get a nice sour cherry and on the exhale i get a nice light almond cake flavour and a tarty cherry, it's perfectly balanced and it's not too sweet. Throat hit: I got this... Continue Reading →

Blueberry Muffin by Captain flavor (review)

Flavor profile: Blueberry muffin - Crunchy muffin delicia with a light tasteful blueberry. VG/PG ratio: It’s a 70%VG/30%PG –  strangely enough the clouds are disappointing for a 70/30 Taste: I get a perfumed blueberry on the inhale and some more on the exhale and a really light and barely noticeable muffin flavour right at the... Continue Reading →

Strawb-Gwab by Velvet Cloud (review)

Flavor profile: A mild blend of strawberry and guava that’s bright without being too sweet, making it a perfect all day vape. Strawb-Gwab’s silky smooth inhale is finished with an exhale that nicely pairs the richness of guava and the lingering tart notes of strawberry vegan friendly e-liquid free from preservatives, GMO, gluten, sweeteners, or... Continue Reading →

Twerps – Supernova Squirt

Flavor profile: The essence of raspberry fused with the sweet and invigorating taste of peach tea. 70%VG – Thick clouds Taste: I get a berry and tea on the inhale and on the exhale i get strong berry and black tea followed by a light peach . If you like tea flavoured e liquids then... Continue Reading →

Maggie by VapeGurt

Flavor profile: A mind blowing blend of Mango and Apricot, in a yogurt cream VG/PG ratio: 70%VG – Thick clouds Taste: I get a tangy apricot on the inhale and on the exhale I get a light mango which balances the sourness of the apricot really well, followed by a very creamy yogurt. I would... Continue Reading →

Gaia by Goddess Vapor

Flavor profile: Blueberry Peach Greek Yogurt VG/PG ratio: 70%VG – Thick clouds Taste: I get a tangy peach on the inhale and on the exhale I get more peach and a nice rich creamy yogurt. it could be sweet for some for me it's not overly sweet that it makes it sickening the yogurt balances... Continue Reading →

Mixed Berries by Simply Jelly (ejuice)

Flavor profile: A sweet mixed berry jelly scraped over buttered toast VG/PG ratio: 70%VG – Thick clouds Expectations: I want to taste the butter and the toast, also expect a nice tart mixed berry flavour. Taste: i Get a sweet blueberry inhale and on the exhale you get more blueberry mixed with a slight buttery... Continue Reading →


Flavor profile: The infamous rocket lolly, delicious raspberry, lime and strawberry combo   VG/PG ratio: 80%VG – Thick clouds Expectations:   summer is round the corner and I'm expecting something refreshing and cool , i'm expecting the flavour to be the same as the lolly,  if you had the rocket lolly before you will know... Continue Reading →

Raspberry Jam by just jam e-liquids

Flavor profile: Nothing more, nothing less... Just Jam VG/PG ratio: couldn't find the VG/PG ratio but looking at the viscosity of the juice i would say at least 70% VG - definitely get thick clouds Expectations/reasons for buying: I'm a big fan of raspberry flavored e liquids and i'm a big fan of jam, this is... Continue Reading →

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