Empire cigarette by Back vape LLC (Review)

Flavor profile: Empire cigarette is a very rare and exclusive tobacco flavor by Back Vape LLC. It is a premium tobacco blend offering the smooth and excellent fleeing. The taste is smooth tobacco leaf, with Moroccan almonds and offers hints of cinnamon and peanut butter. This smooth tobacco E-Liquid offers a solid throat hit with... Continue Reading →

Sherry Oak by Red Wo2d

Flavor profile: Creamy tobacco with a light undertone of nuts from being aged to maturity in a sherry oak cask. VG/PG ratio: i couldn't find the VG/PG ratio but it looks like it's around  70%VG – Thick clouds Expectations: oak(woody) and creamy tobacco Taste:   a sweet inhale and an even sweeter and creamier exhale... Continue Reading →

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