Lazarus Vintage Barrel Series E-Juice – Journey

Flavor profile: Cognac | Banana | Nut | Buttermilk VG/PG ratio: I would say around 70vg/30pg –  Nice thick clouds 🙂 Taste: On the inhale I get a sweet caramelized banana(not a candid banana) On the exhale I get a slight kick of Cognac followed by smooth creamy milk and banana flavor At the end there is... Continue Reading →


The French Butter Milk e-liquid

Flavor profile: A large bowl of sweet fresh milk, a knob of butter and a handful of oatmeal VG/PG ratio: 80%VG/20%PG –  nice thick clouds 🙂 Taste: On the inhale i get a a little bit of oat and sweet cream flavour and on the exhale i get more sweetness and milk, sadly i don't taste... Continue Reading →

Berry Lemonade by Carnival Juice Roll Upz

Flavor profile: A delicious mixed berry lemonade that you find at your local carnival! VG/PG ratio: 70%VG/30%PG –  nice thick clouds 🙂 Taste: Straight off the bat this juice is on the sweet side, on the inhale i get a mixture of candid berries, but the strawberry is predominant. On the exhale i get a... Continue Reading →


Tru blu by Kilo (review)

Flavor profile: Tru blue is reminiscent of a perfectly-sweetened blueberry custard, with a balanced creamy-to-fruity ratio that allows for the nuances of both flavors to shine without being overpowering. VG/PG ratio: 70%VG/20%PG –  nice thick clouds 🙂 Taste: I get a nice blueberry tart on the inhale followed by a nice creamy custard on the... Continue Reading →


Dapper by milkstache – review

Flavor profile: Rich pistachio milk. VG/PG ratio: Looks like a 70%VG/20%PG –  nice thick clouds 🙂 Taste: On the inhale I get a nice rich creamy pistachio and on the exhale I get the nuttiness from the pistachio followed by a creamy milk. Throat hit: I got this in 3mg of nicotine, no throat hit... Continue Reading →


i like™ Shot Drip Edition – holy cherry (review)

Flavor profile: Almond cake and cherry VG/PG ratio: It’s a 80%VG/20%PG –  nice thick clouds 🙂 Taste: On the inhale I get a nice sour cherry and on the exhale i get a nice light almond cake flavour and a tarty cherry, it's perfectly balanced and it's not too sweet. Throat hit: I got this... Continue Reading →


Blueberry Muffin by Captain flavor (review)

Flavor profile: Blueberry muffin - Crunchy muffin delicia with a light tasteful blueberry. VG/PG ratio: It’s a 70%VG/30%PG –  strangely enough the clouds are disappointing for a 70/30 Taste: I get a perfumed blueberry on the inhale and some more on the exhale and a really light and barely noticeable muffin flavour right at the... Continue Reading →


Strawb-Gwab by Velvet Cloud (review)

Flavor profile: A mild blend of strawberry and guava that’s bright without being too sweet, making it a perfect all day vape. Strawb-Gwab’s silky smooth inhale is finished with an exhale that nicely pairs the richness of guava and the lingering tart notes of strawberry vegan friendly e-liquid free from preservatives, GMO, gluten, sweeteners, or... Continue Reading →


Blueberry Cheese Cake by 75 Vapory (review)

Flavor profile: A rich cheesecake blended with freshly picked blueberries VG/PG ratio: Could not find the ratio anywhere but it looks like a 60%VG/40%PG – OK amount of vapor   Taste: On the inhale I get a strong  hit of blueberry and on the exhale I get more blueberry. The blueberry in this , is... Continue Reading →


Empire cigarette by Back vape LLC (Review)

Flavor profile: Empire cigarette is a very rare and exclusive tobacco flavor by Back Vape LLC. It is a premium tobacco blend offering the smooth and excellent fleeing. The taste is smooth tobacco leaf, with Moroccan almonds and offers hints of cinnamon and peanut butter. This smooth tobacco E-Liquid offers a solid throat hit with... Continue Reading →



Flavor profile: Delicious Roasted Hazelnuts paired with steamed milk and just the right amount of coffee. splashed together brewed to perfection. The more you vape it the better it gets. VG/PG ratio: Could not find the ratio anywhere but it looks like a 70%VG/30%PG – good amount of vapor   Taste: I get a sweet... Continue Reading →


Get your “D” hard while vaping – Enhance by Elixir vape

Flavor profile: Creme caramel with notes of cinnamon & spice (proprietary blend of maca . yohimbine, cinnamon, ginseng, with organic flavor and stevia ) VG/PG ratio: Could not find the ratio anywhere but it looks like a 60%VG/40%PG – clouds are decent   Taste: This taste like christmas also smells like it too, I get the... Continue Reading →


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