Java drip by Caffeine Clouds

Flavor profile: Hot water Espresso VG/PG ratio: Could not find the ratio , it looks like it's around 60%VG , clouds production is acceptable  Expectations: My expectations for this juice is just strong bold aromatic coffee flavour  how an espresso should be. Taste: Taste like shit, sorry to waste your time.  taste similar to all... Continue Reading →

Snap Cracklin’ by Cereal City Vapes

Flavor profile: Rice cereal, butter, and marshmallow) infused with extra marshmallow and cereal mix, all submerged in a heavy shot of milk VG/PG ratio: 80%VG – Thick clouds Expectations: My expectations are to taste the Rice Krispy cereal notes and some full fat milk goodness. Taste: I get a sweet marshmallow on the inhale and on... Continue Reading →

Iced banana sorbet by Trilla ( review)

Flavor profile: Iced banana sorbet VG/PG ratio: 65%VG – Thick clouds Expectations: when i bought this juice i was expecting a nice banana flavour with a cooling ice sensation. hoping the ice sensation is not crazy cold. Taste: On the inhale you get a nice cool banana, the cooling sensation is not minty and it's... Continue Reading →

Mixed Berries by Simply Jelly (ejuice)

Flavor profile: A sweet mixed berry jelly scraped over buttered toast VG/PG ratio: 70%VG – Thick clouds Expectations: I want to taste the butter and the toast, also expect a nice tart mixed berry flavour. Taste: i Get a sweet blueberry inhale and on the exhale you get more blueberry mixed with a slight buttery... Continue Reading →


Flavor profile: The infamous rocket lolly, delicious raspberry, lime and strawberry combo   VG/PG ratio: 80%VG – Thick clouds Expectations:   summer is round the corner and I'm expecting something refreshing and cool , i'm expecting the flavour to be the same as the lolly,  if you had the rocket lolly before you will know... Continue Reading →

La Dolce Vita by Ruthless (ejuice)

Flavor profile: A creamy vanilla pistachio Italian gelato VG/PG ratio: 70VG/30PG –  Thick clouds Expectations: I was expecting this to taste like a pistachio magnum ice cream , indulging smooth and creamy, it's a gelato so im expecting the ice cream to be less sweeter than usual Taste: Well the taste is orgasmic and true... Continue Reading →

Crumbleberry by The Milkman

Flavor profile: Fresh and sweet raspberry flavor paired with pie cream and a crispy crumble crust VG/PG ratio: Max VG  around 60% VG – Respectable clouds Expectations: I was looking for a creamy pastry e-liquid to vape with my coffee and i came along this juice the description sounded all nice and dandy, in my mind... Continue Reading →

The Gum/The soda by Phillip Rocke (ejuice)

Flavor profile: THE SODA by Phillip Rocke is a crazy blend of premium ingredients that taste just like your favorite dark soda beverage and soda flavored tart candy The Gum is Philip Rocke’s rendition of your favorite original pink, powdered sugar-coated chewing gum   VG/PG ratio: 80%VG – Thick clouds Expectations: The Soda - I'm... Continue Reading →

Cheese sandwich (ejuice)

Flavor profile: lemon cheese sandwich bread VG/PG ratio: I couldn’t find the VG/PG ratio but it looks like it’s around  60%VG – thick clouds Expectations: well i bought this ejuice out of curiosity , from the picture im expecting some kind of a cheddar cheesy flavour with some lemon cream and bread. Taste: surprisingly awesome... Continue Reading →

Creme Anglaise by Brighton Rock (ejuice)

Flavor profile: A classic Custard Cream Dunker VG/PG ratio: 70%VG – Thick clouds Expectations: A creme anglaise is basically a lighter custard made with egg yolk, sugar milk and vanilla. I vaped a few custards before and they were all too heavy on the custard and overly sweet and sickening . so with this I'm... Continue Reading →

Sherry Oak by Red Wo2d

Flavor profile: Creamy tobacco with a light undertone of nuts from being aged to maturity in a sherry oak cask. VG/PG ratio: i couldn't find the VG/PG ratio but it looks like it's around  70%VG – Thick clouds Expectations: oak(woody) and creamy tobacco Taste:   a sweet inhale and an even sweeter and creamier exhale... Continue Reading →

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